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BYD Kids Design-Contest

BYD Kids Design Contest: Win Your Own Graphics Kit!

Backyard Design is giving away graphics for kids!

Celebrate the launch of the brand-new 2024 graphics kits for the KTM SX65, Husqvarna TC65, and GasGas MC65 by participating in the BYD Kids Design Contest! All you have to do is design a graphics kit for a 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 110cc, or Stacyc. The top 3 winners will each receive the graphics kit they designed. As part of our commitment to the future generation of our sport, we want to give back. Let’s go – show us your creativity and start designing!


Stacyc graphics are now available Kopieren

Stacyc graphics are now available Kopieren

Stacyc graphics are now available

Customize your Stacyc now!

Set your little ripper up with a set of graphics!

Do you have a little grom ripping a Stacyc in the backyard? Design their dream bike with a fresh set of BYD graphics!

No matter if your having a 12 inch or 16 inch model – we’ve got you covered!

Head over to the website and start designing!

2023 Husqvarna plastics now available

New Arrival: 2023 Husqvarna Plastic Parts!

Elevate your bike to a new level!

We’re excited to announce that the brand-new plastic parts for the 2023 Husqvarna Motocross models are now available with us! For the first time, you can get these high-quality parts directly from us, outside of Husqvarna.

Until now, Husqvarna plastic parts were only obtainable through Husqvarna itself. But now, we’re expanding your options. Don’t miss the chance to customize your bike and express your riding style.

Stacyc graphics are now available

Stacyc graphics are now available

Stacyc graphics are now available

Customize your Stacyc now!

Set your little ripper up with a set of graphics!

Do you have a little grom ripping a Stacyc in the backyard? Design their dream bike with a fresh set of BYD graphics!

No matter if your having a 12 inch or 16 inch model – we’ve got you covered!

Head over to the website and start designing!

BYD plastic restocks

Plastic Restock

Plastic Restock

Plastic Kits are back in stock!

Get your matching set of plastics with your new set of graphics

The wait is finally over! We just received a restock of UFO plastics and are finally able to provide you with a full package for all your bike needs!
You’re over ordering at several stores for all you needed accessories to complete the new look of your bike? Take advantage of our restock and get your matching set of plastics with your new set of graphics! 

Make sure to check out our wide range of Backyard Design seatcovers!

New products are now available!

New products are now available!

Your set up ist not fully ready for the upcoming season? Customize your whole set up with our range of new products!

The days are getting longer and longer and more and more tracks are open and you’re super hyped to go riding but your set-up is just not ready?

Head over to our new products page and get ready for the new season!

Check our our new products here:


The BYD Raccoon Jacket is sold out!

Our favorite jacket is sold out in several sizes.

We’re sorry to tell you guys that our signature BYD Raccoon windbreaker is sold out in the sizes M, L and XL.

The feedback you guys are giving us is overwhelming. Thanks to everyone that’s supporting the journey and placed an order.

All of our products are strictly limited so you better be quick and save yourself some of the last available goods.

Check out our full collection:

Check out more of our new BYD-CASUAL products:


The first BYD Casual Drop 2023 is live now!

The first BYD Casual Drop 2023 is live now!

We’re proud to announce our first BYD Casual Drop is live!

We’ve worked together with some of the most talented artists in the clothing scene to provide you guys with some fresh new fashion.

What’s waiting for you:

– High quality goods for your fresh outfits

– Accessiories to finish finish your fit

-One of a kind designs

-Exclusive looks

Away from Merch on the way to a real clothing brand

With that goal in mind the frist drop was designed with some real artworks and handmade fits.
With the quality of our graphics still being unmatched the quality claim got transferred into our clothing line.
Our T-Shirts, Longsleeves, Hoodies and Headwear are only made from the best material and you sure will look good while having a good time with your friends.

2023 Yamaha YZ450F graphics available now!

Set your brand new bike up with a fresh set of graphics!

Better Performance, New Style

You’ve probably seen and played around with our 2023 Yamaha 450 designs available for customization on our website already.

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few to already have a 2023 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing edition heading their way. Well, we’ve got good news – we’re finally able to offer fully customizable designs for the brand new Yamaha bike!

We’ve pulled some strings and given it our all to get our hands on Yamaha’s brand new 2023 YZ450F as soon as possible. Thanks to our partners who really came through on this, we were given the opportunity to draft up one of the first and most precise templates on the market! Our in-house product development worked non-stop to provide you with custom graphics for Yamaha’s latest addition to the MX roster.

It’s all set and done and you’re good to go to set up your new 2023 YZ450F with fully customizable, fresh new graphics in classic Team Yamaha Blue or Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition inspired designs! Of course, be sure to check out our wide selection of Backyard Original kits as well! You’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

Why choose us?

We’ve been a leading manufacturer for full-custom dirt bike graphics worldwide for years and the quality of our vinyl is unmatched. However, what sets us apart the most is our online configurator allowing you to create your very own fully customized set of graphics from endless design possibilities.
Design your graphics and see what they would look like on your bike in real time. Stay on top of your kit and adjust it down to the smallest details to truly invoke your personality. When you look good, you feel good. And that’s when you ride best.

We offer vibrant, true to their brands colors and fantastic patterns and special colors waiting to be incorporated into your personalized design. Amongst our latest additions, you can choose a gold or blue flake glitter finish for your graphics. And all of our templates are handmade in-house, to provide a perfect fit you won’t find anywhere else.

How does it work?

Once you choose your bike and year model, you’re forwarded to our design selection. Here, you will find hand drafted kits ready to be personalized into your masterpiece. Select the base design of your choice and head into our configurator and get creative!

You can adjust the color of all accents present on the graphics in our “Design” mode. We recommend matching the main color of your decals to the underlying plastics to create a clean overall look. Once you’re done with the colors, head over to our “Logo” mode and adjust, move, resize or replace logos and incorporate your favorite brands by choosing from our huge logo library or uploading your own custom sponsor logos as .JPG or .PNG files.

And be sure to check out our “Extras” to include accessories such as fork stickers or mini plates to cover all of your style needs!

New design and specs!

The most noticeable thing is the compacted, lighter and slimmer new body design Yamaha rolled out this year. However, they didn’t stick to only changing the layout of the plastics. The new four-stroke comes with all new capabilities in matters of power, handling and design.

Among the highlights the bike delivers improved titanium intake valves for an improved air intake, a redesigned aluminum bilateral beam frame to improve bump absorption, an updated launch control system offering an rpm rev limit with 500 RPM increment adjustability, a narrower fuel tank and airbox cover and the switch to dry sump lubrication, just to name a few.

The changes took off a decent 5 pounds off of the 2023 YZ450F weight, giving the bike a lighter feel overall. The beloved Yamaha Power Tuner smartphone app received a quality of life update enabling you to make engine mapping with ease, thanks to the reworked slide bar interface.

Speaking of power – to assist in getting it down to the rear wheel, the bike runs all new disc springs instead of the previous coil springs. The rear brake also received a ton of love thanks to reduced rigidness.

You’ll also find a new lap timer and traction control system tuning, as well as set-up guides in the new app.
And there’s no more need for tools to get your suspension feeling just right as the Speed Sensitive System shines yet again. Yamaha introduced a hand-operated compression damping adjuster to facilitate the process by a ton.

A few impressions of the new Yamaha YZ 450 F 2023:​

Here are a few glimpses of how we create and customize our template for the new YZ 450F 2023.​

UK Rideday

We are happy to announce our first Backyard Design Rideday in the UK!

Our brand ambassador Tommy Searle and Kecks put together a Rideday on 16th of October at Apex Motocross Park in Worcester.

The Rideday is limited to 150 riders, thats why we decided to open up an online registration. Each rider must book their spot in advance though this link: BOOK NOW

Each ticket costs £35 and you can pay in cash at the track.

More infos about the event will follow shortly on Tommy’s Social Media.