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Win your new graphics today!

Let your creativity run wild and win your 2024 graphics!

Are you ready to unleash your creative potential and design a unique graphics kit for a 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 110cc, or Stacyc? Then you’re in the right place!

Design your new graphics, upload it to the first BYD Kids Design Contest, and with a bit of luck, you could win your new graphics kit.

Here are the rules and conditions for the contest:
– Eligible models include all 50, 65, 85, 110, and Stacyc models.
– The contest begins on February 16, 2024, and ends on February 23, 2024.
– Winners will be determined by community votes.
– The top 3 winners will receive the graphics kit they designed.

Here’s how to participate:
Step 1: Choose your motorcycle from the shop.
Step 2: Design your graphics. Step 3: Save your design.
Step 4: Take a screenshot.
Step 5: Upload your design.
Step 6: Let your friends vote.

Join us and showcase your talent! We wish you good luck in the contest!

Be part of the contest now!

No entries found
Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over

Design your graphics and become one of the winners!

The BYD Kids Design Contest is your chance to do just that! We at Backyard Design are proud to present this exciting competition, offering young talents the opportunity to showcase their unique graphics while giving back. By giving away three graphics kits to the winners, we aim not only to support the sport but also to inspire and nurture young riders. Be a part of the first BYD Kids Design Contest today.

Community Voting – Increase your chance 

Your design, your voice: Share it in your Instagram Story and invite your friends to vote!

The more votes your design receives, the higher your chances of winning the contest – remember: the design with the most votes wins the contest.

No entries found
Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over

The BYD Configurator - Customize YOUR BikE

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Something for everyone - A huge selection of bikes

We continuously work at offering you the latest and hottest bikes for customization! Our range of products expands and improves constantly!

Endless possibilities! Choose from a variety of logo and color combinations!

Our website uses state-of-the-art technology to bring you the best in-depth designing experience on the market. Frequent design updates keep things fresh and regularly provide new possibilities to display your style!

Work on your custom design in real time!

Modify colors and logos on your graphic kit to your specifications and follow every step of the way in real time. Changes are immediately displayed on your bike so you can keep your eyes on the prize!

Fast and easy at home or on the go!

The configurator is available wherever you go! Create your custom  motorcycle decals in the first mobile optimized design tool! Get creative at home or on the go! We worked hard to give you maximum freedom for your custom bike kit!

Reviews from our riders

Jake Weimer

Teamrider since

"Best fitting graphics I've ever used! No need for any cutting or stretching the graphics and they stick perfectly. Make sure to properly activate the adhesive with a heat gun when installing. Same goes for removal or you might need a second set of strong arms to get them off. "

Josh Grant

Teamrider since

"If you're searching for a set of fully customizable graphics look no further. The online configurator offers limitless possibilities and the widest selection of options to design your kits down to the smallest details. "

Josh Hansen

Teamrider since

"I've always enjoyed working with Backyard Design. These guys are amazing at coming up with creative and original ideas and we've created tons of incredible designs together. Definitely the #1 choice for style! "

Ryan Villopoto

Teamrider since

"Backyard graphics are made of seriously solid stuff. Most durable and solid graphics I ever rode and I can't even imagine riding anything else anymore! "

Get inspired by our bestsellers

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Why should you choose Backyard Design?


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High-quality graphics - Designed and produced in-house

Everything happens under one roof from designing to production and shipping. That’s why we offer only the highest quality motorcycle decals! We’re glad to assist you along every step of the way!

Quick turnaround - the fastest on the graphics market

We’ve optimized and streamlined our processes and use the latest technology to offer you the fastest delivery time on the entire market. A structured workflow and our top-of-the-line equipment pave the way for the next level of motorcycle decals!
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From Riders, For Riders - Customer focused service

Do you have questions or require our assistance? Reach out to us! Our team is happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries you have! We’ll support you on your way to your dream bike!

More than just graphics

Backyard Design is a community! Born from a passion for the sport and the joy of designing there’s nothing greater than having you as part of the BYD Team! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or ride with us at one of our events!


From fun to professional

An idea learns to run. What started as a simple idea grew over the years into a company in ten countries.
From fun to seriousness. Or rather: from hobby to profession. The love of motocross does not fall by the wayside – literally. True to the motto: anyone who grows out of the MX scene was never really part of it.

Even if we ourselves are only drawn to the tracks as a hobby, we have set new standards in the decor sector with our in-house production.