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The perfect motocross present

At the end of the year, things often become quite thoughtful. Recharge your batteries for new things and focus on new adventures. So there is enough time to make others happy. How about a motocross present for your loved one? Here at BYD you are guaranteed to find the right MX decor for your machine. With our online tool you can find the right Graphics in just a few clicks. Tailored exactly to your vehicle and to what you need – you can rely on them at any time!

Still doesn’t got the right motocross to start the new season? We give you a few suggestions and tips on how to give away a motocross and make a choice in the first place. Let’s go!

What should I care about when buying and giving away a motocross?

We all have a clear idea of ​​our Yamaha, Honda or KTM. Would you like the agile Husqvarna TC50, the stylish Kawasaki KX 65 or the solid Yamaha YZ 85? Whatever you decide to do, there are important tips here that need to be considered. We’ll give you the most important tips right at the start.

As a motocross freak, you rely on using a lot of engine power for a long time. The problem, especially with used motocross motorcycles, is that many buyers only do quick inspections and do not look critically enough. You should therefore make a long test or test drive after the engine has warmed up. Here you should put it to the acid test – how all gears can be shifted, what the acceleration looks like and whether the clutch still has enough room. In this way you avoid giving away a motocross that is very susceptible to repair.

Especially with the steering head bearings there are often problems that you cannot see at first glance. Do you have the possibility to jack up the motocross? Then go for it, put on your motocross with the rear wheel and maximize the handlebars in both directions. Sufficient play is important here, a bad sign is noise that resembles grinding.

Classic signs of wear can also be found regularly on the throttle grip, on rusty chains, cracked cables or broken teeth. Many of these damages are easy to fix, but in the end the sum of the individual parts makes the effort – rather look closer than focussing on expensive repairs later.

Advice: You don’t have enough technical know-how to evaluate used motocross sufficiently? Take a knowledgeable friend with you or take the part to an expert, so you don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Here are a few suggestions for giving away motocross

Quite a few people only discover the fascination that motocross emanates when they are teenagers or even adults. Especially if you want to give away motocross, you should therefore clearly consider whether you are dealing with a rookie or a professional. Especially for beginners, we recommend some classic motocross models that make it easy to get started. Here’s a little inspiration:

With a two-stroke you benefit from cheaper conditions in all terms. It is easy to find its way around, the sound is right and maintenance won’t be that problem. In order to get a feeling for motocross at all, you should consider two-strokes only as a give-away for beginners.

The YZ 125 from Yamaha already offers you a great range of basic equipment, fits well in your hand and impresses with classic Yamaha quality. Here you can get a lot of bike for little money, even if maximum speed isn‘t your top prio.

With the KTM 150 SX you rely on a classic dirt bike with a first-class ride, sufficient power and intuitive handling.

Speaking of which: If you are considering giving away a motocross, the individualization shouldn’t be missing. Here at BYD you will find absolutely suitable motocross stickers tailored to your model. Simply choose our set editor, with which you can put together your sets in no time. More than 200 models are covered by our editor. The best way to give away a motocross that convinces in every way!

Stay up to date and find exciting articles about motocross in the BYD blog. Here you will find everything you need!